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Course, Progress Tess and Course Exam Updates

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You can take it from us that we update (add, and amend) our progress tests and course exams (mock exams) questions AND explanations on a daily basis! If you have any useful feedback from having sat the official examinations, feel free to provide it via our Contact Us page.


Want to pass your Skills Test? Look no further than this video right here (PPL Skills Test Preparation)!


Led by our highly experienced instructors, you'll be perfectly placed to ask questions or delve into areas of the subject that concern you or that you;re having difficulty with. We'll ensure you cover the key areas to have a great understanding to let you sail through those theroetical knoeldge exams! Find out more here!


You really don't want to miss this! We've teamed up with The Flying Reporter to produce a new set of "Practical PPL" VIDEO flight instruction lessons that take you through all of the flight exercises in the Private Pilots Licence syllabus. Join us in the cockpit to find out more here!

NEW COURSE: Formation Flying

We've added a new course to our system under "Advanced Courses". Suitable for all pilots, this course gives you the insight and theory about formation flying. Take a look here!.

All Courses/Tests/Exams Updated for the UK leaving EASA

We have updated all of our material to cater for the fact that the UK fully left EASA on 31st December 2020. However, our courses are still suitable for EASA student pilots! We have included the implications of the UK leaving EASA in addition to the syllabus material for EASA students. Carry on studying! Contact us for more details if necessary.

Course Updates

We regularly update all of our courses as appropriate to keep in line with changes in regulations and procedures. That's the beauty of an on-line course over and above any printed material that you purchase, which effectively becomes out of date as soon as you receive it (if not beforehand)!

Each of our courses contains change control information detailing the differences from previous versions. For every course, this can be found on page 4.

Listed below are all of our courses with the dates they were last updated. All this information is in one place here to check if you need to re-visit a particular course to bring yourself up to speed.

Course Last Updated
Air Law & ATC Procedures15th August 2023
Aircraft General Knowledge (Aeroplanes)1st August 2023
Best Navigation Practices21st April 2022
Communications20th December 2022
Exercise 10a - Slow Flight25th January 2022
Exercise 10b - Stalling - Part 125th January 2022
Exercise 10b - Stalling - Part 225th January 2022
Exercise 11 - Spin Avoidance25th January 2022
Exercise 12 & 13 - Alternative Procedures25th January 2022
Exercise 12 & 13 - Circuit Emergencies25th January 2022
Exercise 12 & 13 - Take off and climb to downwind position. Circuit, approach and landing25th January 2022
Exercise 15 - Advanced Turning25th January 2022
Exercise 16 - Forced Landing Without Power25th January 2022
Exercise 17 - Precautionary Landing25th January 2022
Exercise 18 - Navigation25th January 2022
Exercise 19 - Basic Instrument Flight25th January 2022
Exercise 2 - Preparation for and action after flight - Part 1 - (The Walk Around)25th January 2022
Exercise 2 - Preparation for and action after flight - Part 2 - (Engine Start)25th January 2022
Exercise 4 - Effects of Controls - Part 125th January 2022
Exercise 4 - Effects of Controls - Part 225th January 2022
Exercise 5a & 5b - Taxiing25th January 2022
Exercise 6 - Straight & Level - Part 125th January 2022
Exercise 6 - Straight & Level - Part 225th January 2022
Exercise 7 - Climbing25th January 2022
Exercise 8 - Descending25th January 2022
Exercise 9 - Turning25th January 2022
Flight Performance & Planning (Aeroplanes)5th July 2022
Formation Flying28th December 2021
Human Performance & Limitations7th October 2022
IMC-IR(R) Rating5th April 2023
Infringement Avoidance20th December 2022
Meteorology1st May 2023
Navigation 5th July 2022
Night Rating30th November 2022
Operational Procedures (Aeroplanes)29th November 2022
Pilot Updater20th December 2022
PPL Skills Test Preparation14th June 2022
Practical PPL Flight Training Videos Introduction25th January 2022
Principles of Flight (Aeroplanes)12th December 2021
Variable Pitch Propeller11th March 2021